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Friday, May 9, 2008

Wonderful Finds in the Countryside.....

Along with a love for old trucks, I really love finding old cabins, homes, churches, schools, mining operations, etc. when out exploring the countryside. Colorado has an abundance of wonderful ones in many stages of decay/repair, and whenever I have a chance I take pictures of my favorites!! I am sooo lucky to have a great "driver" for my outings, which makes the whole adventure far more enjoyable and easier on the photographer!! Thank you, dear Mike!! :) I hope you will enjoy seeing a bit of Colorado history!! ~~Trudy~~


Cathy said...

These are wonderful Trudy. I am very envious of you people in the States with such a wealth of old and decaying buildings and homes. We have a few in the UK but there is such a shortage of land that as soon as they become available, someone snaps them up and redevelops them into expensive homes.

I would not be able to resist having a poke around inside (not sure if you are allowed to do that over there). Knowing my luck the floor boards would give way and I would end up in the cellar...LOL

DaizyDonna said...

OMGosh, Wow how beautiful!!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thanks for visiting again, ladies!! Cathy, I would love to poke around in them, too....but most are on private land with no public access. Growing up in Alaska we used to explore things like this, though...and yes...the floor boards sometimes do/did give way!! OOPS!!! Hugs, Trudy

This Country Girl said...


I just love all your "loves"! I enjoy looking at all the photography! I love to capture those types of things on camera! I love old barns!

How neat to grow up in Alaska!

I've enjoyed visiting your blog. I invite you to visit my sometime too!

Have a great week!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thank you for visiting, Tammy!! I'm happy that you found my blog, and hope you will come back often!! I have added your blog to my list of fun blogs to visit!! Thanks for your nice words!! Trudy