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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Darling Granddaughters #2 and #3!!

 apologies for being such a slacker with my blog! Time just flies by, and days and weeks escape me!! Too much to do...too little time!! Right? After spending a couple weeks in Austin at the absolute worst time for cedar allergy infestation, I returned home, recovered from the allergy attack, and became immersed in all the things I am behind on and also getting acquainted with the FIRST GRANDSON!!! And there is also the #1 granddaughter that lives in our area, and will be spending time this weekend with us so her parents can enjoy Valentine's Day!! Here are some of the pictures that I took of Madison and Mackenzie on my last trip! Mackenzie is already three months old, and growing rapidly!! Madison has settled into being the big sis, and is such a ham! She has a delightful personality, which often gives her mother fits!! I just reminiscent of 26 or so years ago when her mother was that age!!! HA!! Precious Princess Maddie will be turning three tomorrow on Valentine's Day, and a big party is planned, of course!! Enjoy the pictures!!