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Saturday, August 1, 2009


 we are to August already in the grand year of 2009! My goodness! I must be getting myself in gear here!! HA!! Life is just flying by!! 41 years ago today I was giving birth to my first son.....and I was NOT 12 years old!! Happy Birthday, Gary!!

And 20 years ago this month, our dear cat Precious was born into the cat loving family of daughter Amy's friend Kristi. Yes, the little bounding kittens were sooooo precious, and I finally relented. I let Amy chose one, who came home with us in early October.....and Precious the Cat has been with us since. When Amy left to attend USC, Precious became MY cat. When Amy graduated.....Precious still remained my cat, and was replaced in Amy's own home sometime later by Simba the Cat. Precious is quite a lady!! She has not been in the best of health recently, though. I pray that she will pull through, and continue on with us for awhile longer.

This morning I took these shots of the sunflowers that line the walkway to the front door. No, I did not plant them there.....but my little bird friends did!! I love them!! Enjoy the pictures, and happy August!! Summer will be gone, and Autumn will be upon us here in the foothills to the Grand Rocky Mountains before we know it!!

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Cathy said...

Goodness Trudy. I am very impressed with Precious and her great age. I have never seen a 20 year old cat before. She must like her home and family so well and doesn't want to leave...ha. Sixteen is the oldest we have had a cat. I hope she gets better soon. Love the sunflowers.