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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I hope that EVERYONE has either purchased their PREMIER issue of PRIMS on the newstand, ordered it online, or subscribed online!! IT IS THE BEST!!!! The magazine is filled with sooooo many wonderful works by many, many known and not-so-known primitive and folk art creators. I was honored to be asked to share the pages along with some well known artists in the primitive world, and very humbly accepted. My thanks will forever go out to Jennifer Jackson and the staff at this great Stampington publication. The next issue will be out October lst, and I know it will be just as grande, if not more so!! Subscribe today, if you haven't already, so you don't miss out on a great resource!! Take a peek here!!


Tina Eudora said...

I got my copy a few weeks ago and it is super! I had never thought about making dolls but this mag opened up a whole new obsession for me, :). I devoured every page over and over again and I can hardly wait for the next one! Loved the pears, I will be starting one later this evening!

Cathy said...

Stampington publications are great, aren't they? We don't see too many of them around but I know a secret shop where I can get them...haha. Congrats on being in the latest magazine.

City.Girl.Em said...

I saw your doll submissions, they are so nice! Congratulations on being in the premier issue!

I'm hoping to submit something in the fall. Good luck to you!

Emily-Hootin Annies

SweetAnnee said...

I saw that at Borders and was so happy to see so many artists I was acquainted with.
It is a great issue.

Smiles to you,

Cookie said...

this magazine is packed with delights from all my friends and I was THRILLED to see your spread, Truds!!!

You deserve every good thing and a ton of spotlight shining down on your awesome handiwork.

I'm proud to call you my friend ♥

elphabainwicked said...

Trusy...I am so thrilled for you. I got my issue yesterday and at first thought someone was using your patterns and then saw it was you. I normally am on your other blog and forgot about this one. Congratulations!!! No one is more deserving of making the premier issue than you. I am honored to have so many of your dolls as they always bring a smile to me each day! The skies the limit for you! Congrats again!

#1 Fan

elphabainwicked said...

And I was typing so fast...I called you know what I meant.

Talk soon!