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Thursday, January 20, 2011

As the first month flies by me........

Gosh! I am already behind!!! Can't be true!! What has happened to the first part of the first month of the new year??? And this was the year that I was NOT going to get behind on anything, and was in fact going to be ahead of the game!!! Well, guess what? Not gonna happen. Nope. It was all a dream.

Much has happened in these few first days of the new year, though. Regis is going to retire. Upsets in the NFL. Regis says the Jets will beat the Steelers. Carmelo Anthony has managed to give headaches to many, with the whole drama of a trade. Now the NJ Nets billionaire owner says no deal. Perhaps that helped the Nuggets play better last night as they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, as Carmelo and Kevin Durant matched up.

In the world of primitives and raggedies, I have published a few new patterns, and have many new finished items in the works. I am forever kept in a whirl with my supply orders for stained tags, wool for doll hair, homespun strips, stained muslin and osnaburg, etc, found in my Ebay Store. (Ebay ID: palmpanda4ever)

I am taking an online course, the second one I have attempted, in an effort to learn how to better use my time, etc. Hmmmmmmm. Guess it's not quite like absorbing by osmosis!! It's one thing to KNOW something, and another whole different deal to USE what you know!! hahahaaa!!! At this point I think I need a course in how to put into action what one knows!!!

I hope all of you have had a fabulous start to the new year, and are keeping up with all those better, lose weight, etc....the kind that I don't bother making because I know the outcome of that effort!!
Please stop by some of the sites where I offer finished goods and take a peek at my Ebay Store for patterns and finished goods and my Etsy shop, too! Find my finished goods here: Simply Primitives, The Primitive Gathering, Lemon Poppy Seeds, and Country Fried Primitives.
Before we are ready, February will be here, and I hope to have figured out how to get caught up with life!! Many blessings to all!! Enjoy WINTER!!!

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Lovely primmy things Trudy. The yellow angel is gorgeous. Good luck with using your time more efficiently. It has never worked with me...haha.