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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

WELCOME 2008!!!!

It is a beautiful, cold, crisp day here in the foothills as we welcome the new year!! The view from my studio is ALWAYS spectacular, but this morning it is MOST spectacular!! The air is super clear, and the mountains are shining in all their glory, as their fresh coats of snow glisten and sparkle as though the faeries have visited!! It's a great day to stay in, watch the parade and the many football games (FIGHT ON!! GO TROJANS!!!!!), and think about all those resolutions that we all think about every less, exercise more, spend less, make more, waste less, save more, and on and on. I think this year I will be different!! I will not make any of those senseless resolutions, but instead will make more meaningful ones!! Let me more appreciation for the good things in life........enjoy every day to the fullest.........make time for the things that REALLY matter........YES!!! I like this!! Here's to the best year for all, with an abundance of great happiness, good health, and wealth in the things that REALLY matter!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hugs, Trudy

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Miss Trudy! WOW! Your photos are just something! Just a beeeee-autiful sight to behold. I hear ya on your resolutions, you got it girl! You got it!