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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I love books!! I love to read!! I love to collect books!! This picture shows my current holiday reading stash that is out where I can pull from it.....but there is more to the stash....still tucked away with all the holiday goodies!! Pictured here are only books for adult reading, and we won't even start to talk about my collection of children's books!! I saw a new one yesterday, too, and think it might need to go on the list for the 5 year old granddaughter. It was a story that introduced and taught about words like patience, anticipation, dedication, etc. The author used these character traits and weaved them into a story about baking cookies!! CUTE!!
Last year I began to pass on some of my holiday books that I had read, realizing that hanging on to many of these is not necessary, since I probably won't read them again. This year I thought I would give one or more away here on my blog!! Click on the pic, and you can see the titles and authors a bit better, I hope!! Here are the rules!!

Rule 1.....Post a comment here on my blog, telling me which of these books you would like to read!! Your name will go into the Santa hat once!! You can list as many books as you like, and if you are the lucky winner, I will choose the one from your list to send!!

Rule 2.....Post on YOUR blog about this give-away, with a link to MY blog, and your name will go into the Santa hat a second time!!

Rule 3.....I will draw the winner on Monday, December 15th, and then get the book in the mail to the lucky reader right away!! This will give me time to finish reading the new ones in my stash, and will still give you, the winner, time to read before the end of the holidays and 2009 is upon us!! Please make a note to check my blog on December 15th to see if you might be the winner!! I will need your mailing address!!

Thanks for stopping by, have fun with the give-away, and happy holidays to all!!


Peggy said...

You and I have the same taste in books as I have read them all except the Christmas Bus. So please add my name to the hat for Christmas Bus!!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Cool, Peggy!!! And.......because you were the first to respond....I have put your name in my Santa hat twice!!! Just an added surprise!!! Hugs, Trudy in Colorado

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love to read...I've never read the one by Lousia May Alcott, please put my name in for that one:)
I'll post about it tomorrow:)Thanks for a great giveaway!

Heather's Stitches said...


I adore Debbie MaComber..I share all of her books that I pick up with my MIL. I haven't read any of the Debbie MaComber books on your pile so please add me to your hat for any of her books!

I'd also love to read The PaperBag Christmas.

I'll blog about this right now and thanks for a fab giveaway!


Sandy said...

Thanks for such a great opportunity to win books. The Christmas Shoes or The Christmas Blessing would be wonderful.

Terri said...

Oh, wow - what an awesome giveaway! I love books, and who doesn't love a good Christmas read? I blogged about your giveaway, am adding you as a favorite and would love ANY of the books except Mary Higgins Clark - she's a great writer but she gives me nightmares. I can't read her right now!

Thanks for hosting this!


SweetAnnee said...

Trudy Dear.. I have read LOTS of Deb MacComber Christmas books
not sure which ones..can't see them all
but I think
I'd try the Christmas shoes
..not one I've seen
so..picK NE
for one
I'd trade some if you didn't have them

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

We have alot of the same Christmas books. I do not have the one by Louisa May Alcott A christmas Treasure. This is an awesome give-a-way...m...

Simply This and That said...

I just discovered your blog tonight. Too fun. And what a great give away. I would love to read The Christmas Bus. I've not read that one! ooxx`jodi

Lisa said...

I love to read and I love Christmas. So this is a great giveaway for me! I think I'd be interested in the one called "Paperbag Christmas" . Don't think I've heard of that one.
Thanks for entering me.

This Country Girl said...

Hi Trudy!

What a neat giveaway! I love to read too, so this is so nice! I would love to enter your giveaway and I had a hard time picking just one I'm listing three...and if I win...just pick one for me and surprise me...okay?

Christmas in Connecticut
Snowbound Colorado Christmas
Christmas Treasury (Louisa May Alcott)

Oh, and I will post your giveaway on my blog soon...hopefully tomorrow!

Thanks so much!

This Country Girl said...


I just saw where the title was A Connecticut Christmas instead of Christmas in Connecticut (I think that's a movie..must have been in my head).


Natalija said...

Such a wonderful giveaway!
I'd love to read "A Cedar Cove Christmas", so that's the book I'd pick, if I won.
Thank you :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Just wanted to let you know that I posted about your giveaway on my blog:)
Have a great day!

kelly O. said...

OOOH BOOKS!! I love books! And Christmas!
if I had to choose, I would choose either a Connecticut Christmas or Skipping Christmas.
thanks for the opportunity!
Kelly O.

lindagerig said...

The snow bride by Debbie m. don't think I HAVE READ THAT ONE. lINDA gERIG

Dawn said...

Trudy, please add me to your giveaway! I love to read. It would be great to snuggle up to my fireplace with something warm to drink and one of your good books to read this winter! Add me tice , Ill post it on my blog! Thanks Dawn

Mom in Sahuaritaville said...

Oh what a wonderful giveaway... I love reading. The Snow Bus or The Christmas Bride sound lovely.

I'll post your giveaway on my blog as well.

Wishing you the best this holiday season.


country gal said...

Ms. Trudy,

Hi. I am Country Girl at Home's Daughter, Joy. Can I enter the giveway? I'd really like to win Chrismas Treasury by Louisa May Alcott. She wrote Little Women and I really liked it. Thanks!

Joy =D

This Country Girl said...


I wanted to let you know that your giveaway is posted on my blog today!

Have a great day!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thank you to all that have visited, and a special thanks to those that have posted about the give-away!! This is fun!! Your names are in the hat, either once or twice!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving....and keep on bloggin'!! Hugs, Trudy

Steph said...

What a great and generous give aways! So many great titles to choose from. I love Mary Higgins Clark, so I'd have to choose Silent Night. Have a great Holiday!

JeanM said...

Did you check out my stash of books? It looks like we read the same authors. Please include my name in the drawing you have some I haven't read YET!

Debi said...

Trudy dear,
Please enter me!! I love anything written by Debbie Macomber! I have read almost everything she has written!! My local libraby is having fun keeping up with me!!

It is very sweet of you to share your books with others!!
Thank you!

I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear!

::Preppy Principal:: said...

Such a festive giveaway...please place this principal down for The Christmas Promise....thanks-Happy Thanksgiving!

Tina D said...

Hi Trudy,
I Love Books and I Love Christmas.
Thanks for hosting your Christmas Books giveaway. I'd love to read 'The Christmas Bus' or 'A Connecticut Christmas'.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.
Tina D.

julialynn said...

I love to read!!! This is so nice of you. I would love to read the Christmas Treasury by Louisa....

I have linked you on my post!


Crows Roost Prims said...

AWESOME TRUDY! Thanks for doing this give away. I know you love your books & reading.

sign me up for:


I shall post the info on your give away on my blog right now!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful giveaway you have.
like you i love to read, i started reading at a later time in my life since then not stopped, all kinds of books i enjoy, so any wonderful book from your giveaway would be great.
thankyou so much.

debbie said...

Ohh Love books too, and even better a giveaway.

Ginny said...

I'd like Christmas Treasury

Callista said...

If the contest is open to Canadians, I'd love the Paper Bag Christmas or the John Grisham one but really I'd read any of them.

Margy in KY said...

OMG-I am overwhelmed at all the books. Sign me up to win any of them as I have never read a Christmas book before.
Thanks for an awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Ooo! I love reading Christmas books! I also love anything by Louisa May Alcott so PLEASE pick me! By the way, the apron arrived today and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Thank you so much!!!

fairychildheirlooms said...

Hi Trudy! Me again! I just posted this on my blogspot blog so add me to the hat one more time.
(I'll use my blogspot link this time)

Suzie Button said...

I'd like to read the Christmas book by Louisa May Alcott, a true historical icon! And I'll blog too and come back and leave another comment! Thanks! Suzie

Trudy said...

I think that the only one I haven't read is the one by Louisa May Alcott.
I will only enter your giveaway, if you promise to visit my blog and enter my giveaway!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thank you so much to all of you that have visited, and a big double thanks for those of you that have posted on your blogs about my book give-away!!! This is exciting, and I am looking forward to the drawing of the lucky winner or winners on the 15th!! Whoooooo!! Whoooooo!!!! Hugs, Trudy

Anonymous said...

love your blog! the bird and snow pictures are wonderful! living in east texas snow is rare for us! I have never read A Connecticut Christmas so would love to be included in your giveaway! Have a very blessed Christmas!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thank you again to everyone that visited, signed up for the give-away, posted on your blogs, and left such nice comments!! Although only one name was pulled from the hat, a couple of you have received books from me, too...just as a special treat!! ENJOY!!! Holiday Blessings and Happy Reading to all!!! Hugs, Trudy

Anonymous said...