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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gorgeous Colorado Saturday Morn!!

It is another gorgeous morning here in Colorado, with the sky so blue, the sun shining brightly, and the bit of remaining snow on the mountains glistening like a crystal wonderland. We are so blessed with the view we have, and I love the weather almost every day!! The inches of snow we got a couple days ago were gone by the next afternoon, except for what remains in the shaded areas. Today is a sunny, 58 degrees already. I understand things are once again changing tomorrow, though, with rain in the forecast.

We have both been very busy this past week, and spent a few days down in Austin the week before. The Austin trip followed Mike's being in Europe playing his guitar for the two weeks prior. I thought this morning was a great day to just lay back, chat, drink coffee, and send the dh MIKE up to the new local muffin shoppe!! We both have been working to eliminate all the junk food from our diets, but how could a pumpkin muffin not be good for me?? Right??? is what he returned with!!! And the one he got for himself was in the other health food flavor...chocolate!! Being the usual prankster, I felt he was hiding the REAL muffin. NOT!! Rather than get annoyed, I thought, after hearing his testimonial to my health, well......he is just looking out for my best interest.

I have now learned THE REST OF THE STORY..........the muffin shoppe was sold out of the regular size pumpkin muffins. But...they put some in the oven, and Mike will be returning to pick up the REAL DEAL!!!! HHAHAAAAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!! Such a great guy he is!!! Love you, Mike!!!


Vaxcel said...

I love pumpkin muffins

Crows Roost Prims said...

I was going to ask you if that was a CRUMB!!!!!!!!!