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Thursday, July 1, 2010


JULY!!! Already!!! Yes, we are already half way through 2010. Hard to believe!! I like to think about the year in terms of how well I have done to reach my goals, the adventures I have experienced, the challenges I have taken on, the accomplishments I have made. I need to get busy!!!!! heheheheee!!!

This is the month that we celebrate the birth of our Nation.....the United States of America. This is the month my late father, Howard Spencer Graves, was born in Leon, WI, in 1922.

In 1969, man first set foot on the moon, during the month of July. That man was Neil Armstrong, an American.

One of my favorite childhood activities was to transfer the comics from the Sunday paper to another paper using my SILLY PUTTY!!! Silly Putty was trademark registered in July, 1952.

The people and events of the month of July are many, obviously. I will leave the further investigation of these to you!!
On the creative front, July 2010 brings an end to the amazing e-course I have been participating in with noted artist Kelly Rae Roberts. As that great experience winds down, I have joined an inspirational photography event with Shutter Sister, Tracey Clark!! You might want to jump in for a fun photo experience, too!! Just visit Picture Summer, and sign up!!

July brings updates for Crows in the Attic Primitives on Simply Primitives and The Primitive Gathering, as well as updates on Lemon Poppy Seeds, too!! Both of my Poppy Shoppes have been updated with some great Christmas in July choices, too!! Be sure to visit Annabelle's Attic as well as Crows in the Attic Primtives on LPS!!

Most of all, I hope that you will welcome July, the heat of Summer, the fun in the sun, and all that Summer brings to you! Prim Blessings to all, Trudy


adee said...

Hi Trudy!!!! Flying by just to touch base..going to your facebook now to like you !!

I hope you will keep on flying once the course is over!
love your work!!!!!!!!

Catch you soon!

Kerri said...

thank u for those little july factoids! :)

Tina Eudora said...

Happy July 4th Trudi, and I too remember playing with Silly Putty and the newspaper! At that time it was so fascinating to me that the print came off on that putty. What great memories!
Tina xo