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Friday, February 1, 2008

LOOK WHO CAME TO VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, long before winter, we had ROBINS!!!! And now look!!! Mr. Robin came to visit me!! I know he was saying "hello", and "welcome February", too!! According to a lady I chatted with while buying bird food, there is a large flock of robins that DO NOT fly South, but instead winter over in nearby Waterton Canyon. I have not verified that, but it makes for a good story!!

At any rate, as always, this Colorado weather is very strange and ever-changing. Today was 28 when we arose, and is now 42 degrees and sunny, of course!! Lovely day for us, and for the birds!! But two nights ago we had a blizzard and about 6" of fresh snow, and temps well into the single digits, approaching the zero mark!!

I hope you enjoy the bird pics, although the dirty windows caused some fogginess in these!! You can see that Mr. Robin had a little chat with Mr. Woodpecker!! As they were chatting, Mr. Bunny went hopping across the yard, too! Happy February to all!! Hugs, Trudy

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