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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today, August 28th, would have been Tasha Tudor's 93rd birthday, but as we know, this remarkable lady passed away in June of this year. I understand that her family will be spending the day remembering her with a beautiful cake and hand cranked honey lavender ice cream! YUM!! Here is a suggestion for others, taken from the email I received from the Tasha mail list......"As we celebrate her birthday and consider the gifts she offered everyone, we encourage others to do the same: take a moment for tea, plant a special flower or read through a favorite Tasha book." I have spent time this morning working with my own flowers, not quite as lavish as the gardens that Tasha loved and cared for, but still a touch of color and beauty in their own way. May we all take a moment to remember Tasha once again, and celebrate her and her contributions to the world of art and nature. The flowers that I am sharing here are wildflowers from a recent trip up to the Mt. Evans area and Guanella Pass. We miss you, Tasha!!!


This Country Girl said...

That means Tasha and I share the same birthdate! How special! I never knew that, but I sure appreciate and love her illustrations and love of nature!

Thanks for sharing that!

Johanna Parker said...

Tasha will be missed....What a neat lady she was...

Love the flower pics Trudy!....And by the way, thanks for the blog award!... I actually received the same from Laurie Harden too! Just haven't had time to add it to my blog yet... I'm buried in work as usual, but am hoping to come up for air before the year ends! ha!

~ Johanna

Yarni Gras! said...

I hadn't heard of her until my mother gave me one of her books several years ago. She was an inspiration to say the least!