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Monday, August 11, 2008


One of our most favorite festivals to attend is the annual Rocky Grass Festival in Lyons, Colorado....which is always guaranteed to have an intimate setting, quality music, and the best Asian dumplings and curry in the world!!! This is a superior festival, from the same wonderful Planet Bluegrass folks that put on the Telluride Music Festival.

Making this event even more of an adventure is the academy that precedes the weekend festival, where participants are treated to classes with some of the performers, as well as the opportunity to make your own mandolin!!! The academy has become so popular that tickets are now difficult to obtain. It is no longer just a matter of being first on the phone....they are awarded by lottery....darn!! Guess that is fair, since some of us have attended several times, and need to allow room for some newcomers!! I have had the great pleasure of taking fiddle from some of my most favorite players...Laurie Lewis, Darrel Anger, Richard Green, and Jason Carter (fiddle player for The Del McCoury Band!!). I'm thinking next time I attend the academy....I want to make a mandolin!!

The setting for this festival and academy is gorgeous (what part of Colorado is not gorgeous!!!?), with the St. Vrain river running next to the grounds, providing a great way to cool off during the fest. The temperatures weren't toooo hot this year, with only a couple minor rain bursts. The music was can be validated by my lack of quality photos!! You can tell I was much more interested in enjoying the music, than in taking my best shots!!


SweetAnnee said...

Wow it sure is awesome there!!
smiles to you..deena
I LOVE Colorado

Mermaid Queen said...

What fun that must have been Trudy! ~Martha

Cookie said...

I just love coming here to revisit my "home" -
Thanks for the great pics - have you ever been to the BlueGrass Festival in Telluride? It's awesome!!!

Andrea said...

Hi Trudy! I used to live in Colorado, a few different times as I was growing up. It is a very nice state!

I have nominated you for a blog award! Be sure to stop by and pick it up if you would like to have it!


Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thank you to all of you fine ladies for visiting again, and thanks, Andrea, for the blog award!! I will hop on over and get it!!! Hugs to all, Trudy in Colorado....Colorful and Wonderful Colorado!!!