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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I will always have many, many favorites things, favorites places....and rocks are one of my favorites!! Not far from our home is a wonderful area, Perry Park, with some amazing rock formations...and of course then there is Red Rocks, which is even closer to us!! I love the scenery and nature of country drives, and one of my favorites is the drive down toward Perry Park, which runs through a valley with fabulous farms and fields, cows and horses, old barns, newer barns, and lots of great rocks!! I will never tire of taking this little jaunt!! These shots were taken on a very stormy weekend a few weeks the sky is NOT the beautiful blue that we most often have here in Colorado. Although I like to visit the area, I'm not sure I would be content to live there...since bears and mountain lions are an issue!! Enjoy the rocks!! This should bring many memories to life for you, Cookie!!


Andrea said...

Nice! Reminds me of a place near a church camp I used to attend there in Colorado when I was younger. Especially the 5th photo down. I liked living in Colorado.


Cathy said...

What an amazing place Trudy. Those rocks really are red aren't they? Love the shapes too. I love the sound of driving through countryside with fields and cows and old barns. What an inspirational place for an artist.

The Smiling Goat said...

Hey Trudy! I just LOVE comming here to see all your wonderful pics!!!


Mermaid Queen said...

Gorgeous photos Trudy. It reminds me of our trip to Utah. XO Martha

Cookie said...

oh girl!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to get here for days... my "to do" list has taken over my life so please forgive my absence.
But OMG... Trudy, my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw Perry Park at the top of the page! Now this was my old stomping grounds as you know, and when I lived there, no one much at all knew it existed or how to get to it. I wonder... has it gotten commercialized ? If it has, please just lie to me and say it's hidden off 105 and no one goes there! lol

I love coming here and reminiscing - thank you for always taking me by the hand for a stroll down memory lane. These were awesome times in my life ♥

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thanks for visiting, ladies!! Cathy, come on over and take a drive with me!! You would love the weather, too, as well as the sights!! ~~Trudy~~

Yarni Gras! said...

so beautiful!