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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I know. Only four more days left in November 2007.....and so much left to do! I have come to the conclusion that the older one gets, the faster the calendar pages turn!! What has happened to 2007???? This can't be!! And as is normal for me, when the weather begins to show signs of winter, the first snow has come and gone, and the holidays are upon us.....I decide it is time to make some changes!!! So....with all the Fall and Harvest decor put safely away, the Christmas and Winter things are anxiously awaiting their turn to come out of the Rubbermaid tubs!! But first....I must do more deep cleaning and organizing and rearranging, in an attempt to brighten and freshen our little castle!!

I also believe that houses grow smaller the longer you live in them!! When we bought this house not quite three years ago, it was definitely MUCH bigger than it is now!! Hmmmmmmm..........Interesting thought!! I know what my daughter says the real problem is!! She just does not understand that all of these treasures are true TREASURES...things to be cherished, and held onto forever!! And so....the collections grow.......

For those of you that need some inspiration for your work space, and wonderful tidbits of wisdom to spark the creativity, I highly recommend one of my favorite books........a fabulous collection of grand work spaces......Where Women Create, by Jo Packham. When I seem to be bogged down, and the creative mind is resting (or has left me!), I love to pull out this great work of talent and grandeur in search of an answer! I hope it will have answers for you, too!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I need that book! Thanks for sharing, you hit the nail on the head, the calender pages fly and the house gets smaller!