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Monday, November 19, 2007

News About Precious Kitty!!!!

I must say that all the prayers and thoughts sent our way for the dear kitty, Precious, have been well received!! She has improved dramatically, and is nearly back to her old self now!! She spends far more time in her wooly bed in the family room than she might have before, but she does go upstairs for her morning naps in the sunshine in our bedroom, too! Her voice has not fully returned, but her meow is getting stronger by the day!! We have been very encouraged by her recovery, and were elated when she ran to the front door yesterday and this morning again, as we were going out, so that she could resume her routine of rolling on the sidewalk, and sniffing the flowers!! Thank you to everyone for thinking of her!! Hugs, Trudy


Sunny Chick said...

Hi Trudy! I have been checking back to your site to see if I could leave a comment. I too am from CO. I just wanted to say Hi and to let ya know I peeked at some of your creations and thought Wow!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Hi there!! Thanks for stopping by!! I hopped on over to your blog, and I think I might have met you last year at the Homestead!!! YES!! Come back again soon!!

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news! I am so happy to hear your baby is better! De