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Friday, November 30, 2007

On Raggedy Overload!!!

There are many, many things that I love, and collect....but one of the all-time favorites is the raggedy annie style doll!!! I LOVE ANNIES!!! Big annies, little annies, fat annies, skinny annies, black annies, brown annies, tan annies, fancy annies, simple annies......I LOVE ANNIES!!! I have a GIANT collection of raggedy annie designs, both mine and from many wonderful designers. One can never have tooooo many annie patterns, or annie dolls, in their collections!! Sadly, after being in raggedy production mode for some time, preparing for a couple of shows, there are a few remaining annie dolls that are wanting to find homes before Christmas. They fear that if they remain here with me, Santa will have to share his wares with far too many others!! Therefore, they are hoping to be adopted into new families, where the gifts from Santa will perhaps be more plentiful than what they expect things to be like here!! The group site Glitter and Grunge will be updating tomorrow, December 1st, and I hope you will find time to take a peek at the raggedy dolls that I will be featuring there!! Thank you, Missy Ballance, for offering that wonderful venue for us, too!! 'Til next time, find the fun in everything you do, and keep a place in your heart to nurture your dreams!! Prim Blessings, Trudy

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