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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day at Elitch Gardens in Denver, CO!!

What a fun day was had by all, as we rode the light rail into Denver, and spent much of a day at Elitch Gardens, the famed amusement park!! Granddaughter Sadie had the most fun of all!!


Yarni Gras! said...

I love to see all those smiling faces!

Shari Kraft said...

My grandpa used to take us to Elitch's when we were little. What great memories of him.

Mermaid Queen said...

Wow Trudy, Sadie is a doll!
XO Martha

Andrea said...

I have been to Elitch Gardens a few times. Once when I was little - I remember going through the Gold Mine, and I was really scared. Then I went back in my 20's. I messed up my neck on the rollarcoaster. Never sit in the last seat! LOL! I never got to go when they moved to the new location though.


Cathy said...

She looks like she is having the time of her life Trudy.

Cookie said...

What fun!!!

I seem to remember a ride called the Mousetrap (or something like that).

We used to have our company picnics there ... geez another blast from the past girl! what fun ♥

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thanks for visiting everyone!! Thanks for the nice comments, too!! Yes, Elitch is a great fun place, for the young and the young at heart!! ~~Trudy~~