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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Creativity comes in many forms, and is present in all parts of our lives and our universe. I believe that we are all born as creative people, and that through various processes and experiences, our creativity either becomes buried, or unlocked, squelched, or encouraged.

For many of us, our childhood creativity is shut down or covered up, perhaps through the constraints of some public education systems. As an 8th grader, I was greatly affected, in an adverse way, by the F that I received in Art........because my idea of how things should be was not shared by the art teacher. Once again, when taking a drawing class as an adult at a community college, the young instructor was going to give me a C. Being a bit bolder and assertive than I was as an 8th grader, I went to battle over the grade, and ended up with an A-.

Today I would like to share this resource as a possiblity for unlocking your own creativity. On a recent trip to Steamboat Springs, CO, I spent several hours in my MOST favorite book store in the whole world....Off the Beaten Path. (Which by the way is for sale!! Great town, great store, do we have a buyer out there????) The selection of books on the creative process was extensive, but this particular book spoke well to me....and therefore, has been added to my collection!! The book is titled Unleash Your Creativity, authored by Rob Bevan and Tim Wright. Two little subtitles on the cover are wonderful....One good idea can change your life.....Fresh ways to wake up your snoozing muse........I hope everyone is having a creative day today!! With blessings for unleashing your creativity, Trudy

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