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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Keeping Us On Track..........

What would we do without our children to keep us on track??!?!??!! I received an email from my daughter in Texas today.........Mom.....your blog said days ago that you would be posting pictures of your holiday decorating.....what happened?? Where are the pics????? HA!! Caught again!!! So I have now shared a picture of the little pink tree with pastel lights and pastel ornies that adorns my wonderful pink guest room aka "my room" as the local granddaughter calls it!! With luck I will get a chance to take pictures and share with you some of the other decorating that I am obsessed with. For those of you that might not have a tree...not to worry!! I have you covered!! I love having many trees, and some stay up all year!! Sending calming vibes out for everyone, as we scurry about with all the last minute holiday activities!! Prim Blessings, Trudy


Anonymous said...

I love your tree! It is very vintage looking! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thank you, De!! I hope that your Christmas Day was wonderful, too!! Thanks for stopping by!!