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Thursday, December 27, 2007


As I sit here watching the snow come down, and listen to the news report a total of 8" - 10" forecast for our area today, I am busy pulling together a HUGE pile of Spring-look fabrics from my stash to dress some dollies!! Of course these great, bright colors won't be quite so bright when I get finished "primming" them, but they will still be considered a primitive version of "bright"!! I've been in raggedy mode here for some time now....and the raggedy bodies are piling up on my studio work table, in various stages of completion, awaiting their delightful dresses, 'loons, aprons and such! I really should cover these poor things up with a blanket, since it's a bit chilly here today!! Or better yet....maybe I should make their clothing today!! YES!!!!!


Cook said...

Trudy - What a small world this is! I used to live off Jackson Creek Road in Shamballa Ashrama - just down the "hill" from Devils Head. We rode our motorcycles out last summer and although Castle Rock has changed drastically, I was glad to see that minor changes have sprung up in Sedalia and the surrounding area. If you have lived in CO. for a long time, Mr. Bill used to own one of the ranches off Wolfenberger. He sold his property and I believe a church built where his house used to stand. What fun to talk to someone in the neighborhood. We moved to Kansas City quite a few years ago, but I still miss Colorado muchly.
Thanks for stopping by... please keep in touch!
btw, I was just at G & G yesterday, as Carol Roll is a dear friend of mine!
Small world indeed :)

Have a wonderful New Year!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Hi, Cookie!! Yes, isn't it wonderful that in many ways our world is a small one!! I know right where Mr. Bill's ranch would have been!! COOL!!!! One of my interests is studying the history and people of the area, and creating character dolls of some of the folks I have learned maybe I must do a Mr. Bill doll, too...with a donkey!!! HEEHEHEE!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Hugs, Trudy

Anonymous said...


Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

You may have noticed one or two of your baby designs in that pile, De!! For all you Annie lovers....hope on over to De's Blog and Website for very cool Annie stuff!!!!