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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Flowers of the Upcoming Spring!!

As the last snowfall has quickly melted under the intense sun at 6,000 feet.....the first blooms have shown their heads!! Sadly, some blooms will not be appearing this year...due to the scavenging performed by Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel. These little guys, planted by a former resident some years ago, before we began to occupy our castle, are always the first to appear!! Enjoy!! Without doubt, they too shall be soon covered in snow once again!! We shall see!! But while it lasts...we are enjoying the day with the current temp being 64.5!!


Johanna Parker said...

Hey Trudy!.. Looks like you have more blooms popping up than I do; however, I just cut down my perennial garden and I can see little spurts of green popping up everywhere! Very exciting indeed...

Wow, do you ever have a great collection of wildlife photos on your blog!.. You must live in the perfect spot for nature's visitors... Lucky you!... and that bald eagle... wow!

Keep on taking pics! And enjoy that new camera...

Take care,
~ Johanna

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thanks for the visit, Johanna!! I would have lots more bulbs popping up, if it weren't for the squirrels this year!! They have never dug them up before.....but that was before!! HA!! Enjoy the pics!! The hawk in the yard is something else!! He's a daily visitor, it seems!! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs to you and JP!! Trudy

Cathy said...

Hi Trudy! I have good news and I have bad news--first the bad news--you said the last snowfall--well guess what it's snowing here today--we have a good 3 inches, so be ready--it's probably heading your way, so quick go set out the fans and divert it! We just got to see our grass peeking out and then this!
Ok now for the good news! I've awarded you the You Make My Day Award, so when you get a chance hop on over to my blog and you can pick it up and see what to do next!

Cathy :)