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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Return of Winter on March 2nd.........

I truly do love Winter!! I LOVE SNOW!!! Perhaps that is because I don't have to go out in it unless I choose to?? I like the freshness of the snow, the beauty that the landscape takes on as it is covered in a layer of crystalline fantasy, like frosting on a cake. When the snow sky recedes, and the sun shines, everything looks like a winter wonderland, where perhaps the snow faeries laugh and play. Our temperature difference from yesterday at this time to today is about 50 degrees.....and today the wind is howling, sometimes gusting enough to blow the poor little birdies right off the feeders!! The snow is drifting, and although the sun is trying its best to peek through, conditions are nearly like a white-out. I cannot allow myself to think about the critters and the homeless folks at a time like this........wishing I could invite them all in. We are so fortunate to be safe and warm, enjoying the day, with plenty of warmth and comfort. We are greatly blessed.


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Mermaid Queen said...

Trudy great photos of your bird friends in the snow. We really are blessed to have our cozy homes.
XO ~Martha

Anonymous said...

Miss trudy, I think you live in a fantasy wonderland. Your photos are amazing! Soooooo beautiful! I love looking at them, De