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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am always fussing that I need to learn to work a season guess that's why I have this need to make pears these days!!! Or maybe these are Spring pears???!!!! Not sure, but I am having fun!! I've made a variety of pears from several patterns of other designers, and a bunch of my own, too.....all of which are in various stages of know my routine!! HA!! Piles and piles of this and that awaiting the finishing touches!! These particular pears turned out reallllly cool!! I love them!!! I used a design from Renee of Crows Roost Prims, but asked permission to reduce her GIANT size pears to a smaller version. Aren't they great????!!!!! These particular pears are just about 9" tall, made from muslin, and grubbied up twice with my cool grunging sauce and baked to prim pear perfection!! I gave them "leaves" of grunged and baked cheesecloth, and their cool real wood stems are from some great hardwood I imported to Colorado from the Northeast!! If you just have a have a set of these pears yourself, just email me, and I'll get them in the mail to you!! A set of three, including shipping in the USA, are a mere $18. Such a bargain!! I'm sure I will list them somewhere, but probably for a bit more.....we shall see!! And if you would rather just make your own, stop on over and get a pattern from Crows Roost Prims!!


anniebeez said...

Trudy what a great blog you have! I've subbed you with bloglines. Hay gorgeous guitar too!

Moonchild said...

I'm tagging you! See my blog to get the scoop at

I'm also adding your blog to my favorite BlogS list!
I love your pears!!

Have fun,
Moonchilds Primitives

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thank you, ladies, for stopping by!!! I've been tagged!!! Thank you, Donna!!! Hugs to you both, Trudy