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Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, well, well!! The three granddaughters have now been joined by the FIRST grandson!! Little....well not so little Dimitri joined our wonderful world on Wednesday afternoon, after a long wait!! Mommy's due date had been on Friday, and she had been ready for at least the last month!! HA!! But, stubborn just like his daddy, this little guy took his time!! All is well with everyone, and Mike (Griz) was there for the event. I am not even at home, but am instead down in Austin with the newest granddaughter....being the gram while her mommy returned to work. Goodness! The job of grandparent becomes very demanding at times!! (We should get these children to plan better, huh??!!!!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This month's full moon was said to be the largest we have had the pleasure of viewing in a long time...and sadly, we had a major cloud cover, and missed it for the most part. As it was rising last night, we saw it come up as a HUGE white ball. Of course, I was not at home and did not have my camera. This morning as the sun was rising and the moon was setting over the mountains, I was able to capture these shots....and another dozen or so!! Enjoy!! I see the moon...the moon sees me.....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

BIRDS IN WINTER...............

As you regular visitors know....I LOVE birds, and I LOVE winter!! Winters in Colorado, here at 6,000 feet in the foothills, are absolutely THE BEST!! Snow one day, gone the next, and lots of sunshine!! LOVE IT!!! Rumor is that a flock of robins winter over in Waterton Canyon, and I believe the rumor to be true since they visit me often, all year round. They love when I feed them raisins!! The little woodpecker is a daily visitor that I have come to love and enjoy! Hope this finds everyone well, and keeping those New Year resolutions in tact!! I've found that the best way to take care of that is to NOT MAKE any resolutions!! HA!! Enjoy the birds!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


The youngest of the princess one month, in early December!!

THE FACE OF INNOCENCE................

While on a recent visit to granddaughter #2, I was able to capture these memorable pictures of innocence!! Enjoy!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


What a joy to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning watching the anticipation and the aftermath of Santa's visit with your grandchildren!! We enjoyed the magic with our oldest granddaughter, who turned 5 in September. Sadie had several wishes on her list, and one was an Easy Bake oven!! What fun!! Enjoy the pics!!

WELCOME 2009!!

I feel like I have said this several times during 2008......where has the time gone???? And now here we are beginning again, another year, with many unfinished tasks. My new motto.......It's not about the's about the journey!! HA!! We here in the Rocky Mountain Foothills have been blessed with some very unseasonably warm weather recently....with several days in the 50's and low 60's even!! Unreal!! Not complaining, although some snow sure would be nice!! :) Yes, I LOVE SNOW!!! The mountains have been inundated with grand amounts of snow, but we here at 6,000 feet have not. There's a chance of some this weekend, however!! YEA!! As we welcome the new year, I send my wishes for everyone to have their best year yet....with loads of health, happiness, and wealth in all forms........and a lottery win would be fun!! (Guess one needs to buy tickets for that, wonder I never win!) Enjoy the recent New Year mountain shots!! Happy New Year to all, Trudy