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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Mr. Owl!!

This morning the crows were going crazy. Normally I see only a pair or two around here, but this morning.....there was a crow convention. There were as many as a dozen gathered in a nearby tree, creating quite a stir. I watched them for a long time, taking a zillions shots of them. Suddenly I realized the reason for all the noise!!! AN OWL!!!! I have seen an owl on the fence a couple of times, and wonder now is this might be the same one!!? I am hoping that I now have a resident owl!!! YES!! Here are just a few of the owl pics, and I will save the crow shots for another post. Enjoy!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The New Year has brought much work, many orders, lots of thinking and planning, and a few new creations!! I hope you will stop by to take a peek at my offerings......some from earlier in the month that will be changing out on the lst, and some new ones being offered at the lst of the month!! Can you believe that February is less than a week away??? GOOOODNESS!!! Time DOES fly when one is having fun!! You will find my raggedies and my prim creations at the many sites listed in the sidebar on the left!! Please stop by!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As I suspect many of you are and have been.....consumed by the news of the situation in Haiti, I feel like life has been moving in slow motion as I keep myself glued to the television, checking on the latest news out of Haiti. Such a tragedy for everyone involved, either directly or indirectly, and a tragedy whose affects are not going to go away quickly. Hopefully our awareness and attention will not go away quickly, either. Just as many have already said, perhaps the one good thing that might come out of this act of Mother Nature is awareness of a country that needs a great deal of help from those more fortunate.

I will never claim to be free of the fact that I often live only "in my world". I have lived all over the Western world, from Alaska to Florida to Europe. I have traveled to nearly every State of the United States, and to many foreign countries from Mexico to Austria. But.....I have never suffered nor lived in a manner that MOST of the Haitian population endures daily.....even BEFORE the earthquake shook their world to a pile of rubble. I have experienced the affects of the Great Alaskan earthquake, but the level of destruction was nothing compared to what we are seeing from the media coverage of Haiti.

As we in the US have been made well aware, there are many, many quick and easy ways for all of us to give either a large or small amount to help any number of great organizations as we reach out to our fellow mankind. Rather than share my own choices for donation, I will direct you to the CNN website for a list of safe and deserving organizations.

One of my own ways of giving is to offer the pictured set of dolls on Ebay, with 100% of the sales amount being given to UNICEF. I hope that you will consider bidding, and will also share this offer with others, and perhaps consider doing something similar yourself.

Over the last week it is wonderful to see the amount of funds that have been raised, with some folks giving only a small amount. Each penny counts. That's a fact. The simple method of texting gives a donation of $10. We can all perhaps find that within our budgets.

Thank you for listening to my rambles. Give from your heart, think of the children and the adults that you can help with any amount, and pray. Prayers work. Prayers are answered. Keep the faith, and never forget the children that need your help. Thank you, Trudy


Grandchildren are the best!! Tomorrow our 4th grandchild, and first grandson, turns ONE!!! How time does fly!! He is a happy little guy, and loves his new ride on toy for sure!! Happy Birthday, Dimitri!! Love, Gram and Griz

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It's a beautiful day here at 6,000 feet, as we have some great warm weather prior to the arrival of the next Arctic front! I am so blessed to have such wonderful views from our little home here, and never does a day pass that I don't stand in wonder of the beauty of Mother Nature. I would undoubtedly get far more done if I wasn't standing gazing out the windows so much!!! HA!! Today I am sharing some mountain views from this morning.....mountain views that are ever changing, and have been shown here many times....but this morning caught my eye in particular due to the cloud formations. Enjoy!! The white peaks are Mt. Evans, one of the Colorado 14,000 foot mountains, and it's neighbors!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


My, oh my!! Where did 2009 go? Every year seems to go more quickly, the older one gets, it seems to me!! I'm hoping that everyone's year ended well, and that 2010 will be better than the last! My only resolution is to be a more frequent blogger this new year....and to improve my photography skills and take MORE pictures!! Enjoy the shots of the setting blue moon, and then again this morning. Happy 2010 to all! May your blessings be many, your health be the best, and may prosperity fall upon you all!!