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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.......and the race goes on.......

Gosh, I used to be a good blogger. I used to do regular posts. I never claimed to be organized. But this is pathetic!
I am so far behind in so many aspects of the tasks I impose on myself. But, I am not going to beat up on myself. Instead I am just going to trudge forth, and work toward better time management!! And, as Mike would say.......It is what it is!!

I am thoroughly enjoying the marketing class that I am taking, and the one thing that I am learning is that there is lots that I don't do correctly!! Oh least I know that now, and can work toward doing something about it!!

Spring has come to the Colorado Rocky Mountain Foothills....following our first REAL snow of the season. We have had days in the 50's and 60's for about a week now, and it is soooo tempting to believe that this will last. Not true. In fact, as many of you know, I LOVE Winter, and I LOVE snow, and we never seem to get enough to suit me. The ski areas have been blasted over and over again, though, which is a good thing. This has been, I believe, one of the record years at the higher elevations for amount of snowfall. The fantasy of Spring will soon subside, since the forecast is for a high in the low 30's on Monday, with snow Monday night and Tuesday.

I have many updates to talk about, and those of you that want to browse or shop, please use the links on the left sidebar to find all the shops that I sell from. Mid-month is raggedy (Annabelle's Attic) update time on some sites, and lst of the month is regular primitives updates on those same sites. However, Lemon Poppy Seeds updates both on the lst and the 15th, and Country Fried Primitives updates both on just the 15th. I have shared some pictures of some of the new listings, both for Annabelle's Attic and Crows in the Attic Primitives!!
I am trying to do better at putting things on Etsy, but have failed at that so far! Another mistake in my marketing!! HA!! If you are a maker yourself, and need great wool for those prim dolls, or grungy tags, etc, please stop by my Ebay store for those kinds of things!!

Don't forget to look at all the patterns, too!! I have many new ones, and so many unpublished ones, that I have set a goal to get one published each week, to be featured in the Patternmart newsletter!! I have been successful so far, since the lst week of January!!! YES!!! I have not failed at this goal!!!

I will sign off today with a wish for everyone to enjoy the day, appreciate the good things, and why not do something nice for someone today??!!! Prim Blessings to all, Trudy