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Friday, April 1, 2011


I keep repeating myself, saying....where has the time gone??? And now......APRIL ALREADY!!!! One fourth of 2011 is already behind us. Yes, today is April Fool's Day. However, rather than playing a practical joke on someone, I would prefer to think of today as......OPENING DAY FOR THE COLORADO ROCKIES AT COORS FIELD!!!! GO ROCKIES!!!

Of course, my favorite sports team is the DENVER NUGGETS, who have come a very long way since the mid-season trade awhile back. Sceptics thought the Nuggets were doomed when they let go two name players....but the team has proven the sceptics quite wrong!! GO NUGGETS!!!

I imagine that many of you are enjoying a nice Spring, with green grass, flowers, etc. We just spent a week in Austin.....with the heat, the humidity, the sauna style weather......and are glad to be back in the mountains with the cooler, dry weather of the Front Range. We do have some greening grass, flowers, and trees getting those special Spring green leaves....but April is our second most snowy month. March is our snowiest month. Not sure what happened there...but it was NOT tons of snow falling from the sky!! November is another big snow month....nothing this year. Not good for the environment, so I have my fingers and toes and arms and legs crossed for more precipitation this month. Here at 6,000 feet precip has been sparse this Winter and Spring.

As always, the prim factory has been in full swing, with new creations and new patterns being cranked out, although not as rapidly as I wish! I have to be the world's slowest production person. I am amazed at the number of finished items I see some folks able to produce. Oh well! I am what I am!!

I have a new rabbit, a Kentucky Primitives design, over on Prim Nest, the new marketplace venue by Kelle of Patternmart!! Flocks of little yellow peeps are available on Lemon Poppy Seeds!!! There's a variety of bunnies and some barnyard chicks listed there, too!! Some great new dolls and other Spring things are available in my new listings on Simply Primitives and The Primitive Gathering, too! And don't forget to check out my raggedies on my Annabelle's Attic shoppes on the above sites, as well!! Stop by my raggedy blog while you are browsing, too!!