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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Just returned from a week in Austin, TX.....Music Capitol of the World....and our home for many, many years!! As always it was a whirlwind....too much to do, too many friends to catch up with, and many missed.....way too much great music to hear and good food to eat...and then of course, the granddaughter to play with!! I was being cautious and didn't take my great new camera gear with me, so don't have alot to share in the way of photos. I'll share just a couple here.......the granddaughter, and a shot or two from Mike's Annual Hat Party gig. Enjoy!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well, well, well......the last three predicted BIG SNOWS have not produced perhaps Spring is actually near!! Thought today I would share some recent shots of the feathered friends at the front yard feeders...filling up before and after the not-so-big snows!! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We had snow on Monday........just a few inches that melted almost immediately...but we are now preparing for what might be THE BIG ONE this winter/spring!! April is our 3rd snowiest month....and I do remember the year we moved here.....when it snowed more than a foot on the last day of April/first day of May...and I could NOT believe my eyes!!! Colorado, up above us here at 6,000 feet, has had plenty of snow, making the skiers and boards super happy!! We've had very little, making me less than happy! I love the snow....but maybe not at this time of year, when the flowers are trying to shine for us!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I have been wanting some good shots of this wonderful bird that lives nearby........and I believe that I am correct in saying that it is a red-tailed hawk. Today was my day!! However, it appears that I caught both Mr. and Mrs. at home, and not just the Mrs. that I have watched tending the nest. There also seemed to be another visitor in the tree, too, seen just below the nest. Enjoy!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I love reflecting....and reflections....and got some neat shots down by Plum Creek that I thought would be fun to share!! All sorts of wildlife enjoy visiting this particular spot, including many types of birds, both long and short legged ones, as well as the occasional fox. At this particular visit for me, I saw only the short legged birds...but caught some awesome reflections!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


As the first of the month is upon us, and we have recovered from all the deadlines and the April Fool's pranks, I want to remind everyone that two sites that are special to me have had their updates!! Which means....there are all kinds of cool things and shopping opportunities to browse through.....and purchase, of course!!! Someday I will learn to JUST WINDOW SHOP....perhaps!!! I have a new little angel that I dearly love amongst my listings on Glitter and Grunge , and am in the midst of making those up in several different colors!! They are terribly cute, and just the thing for Mother's Day, too!! I will be happy to take orders on the angel, shown in the pictures, color of your choice!! Each angel is just $18 which includes the shipping!! Can't go wrong there!! On Lemon Poppy Seeds I have a few new things, including some cool cats...and 4 empty spaces, since DJ just decided to increase from 6 spots to 10 spots for product listings!!! YEA!!! I must get busy and fill those empties!! I have more raggedy style dolls on Lemon Poppy Seeds in my Annabelle's Attic shoppe, as well as EVEN MORE raggedies on the new site, Dandelion Darlings, in my Annabelle's Attic shoppe!! Yes....I am VERY busy!!! Please visit my raggedy blog to keep up on all the raggedy news, too!! I hope that April has arrived peacefully for all of you, although it seems that some parts of our country are seeing tornadoes and other stormy situations........and we are having some snow in the morning, and now 58 degrees!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008



In celebration of bringing in the month of April, and April Fool's Day......this is NOT an April Fool's joke!!! It's the REAL DEAL!!!! I am offering a set of my three primitive pears that I featured in an earlier post, shown here in the photo. BUT...I am also adding two more pears to the red, and one green, for a total of 5 cool prim pears!!!! That's right!!! A set of FIVE (5) of my cool prim pear bowl fillers for your primitive pleasure!! The pears featured here were made with my own design, and are painted a bit with a primitive yellow, and have been grunged, baked, and sanded, of course!! They have a couple good coats of my really grungy sauce, with lots of cinnamon, making it is nice and thick!! The pear stems are pieces of hardwood twigs, imported from the East, and the "leaves" are stained and baked strips of cheesecloth. These pears are about 7" tall, not including the stems, and 4" or so wide at the broadest point. These are fun to prop on a shelf, or display in a crock, bowl, or basket...either alone, or in addition to some other prim goodies!! These pears can be ordered from here on my blog....A SPECIAL APRIL FOOL'S DEAL.....with only a few sets available at this SPECIAL PRICE of $25 for 5 pears, including PRIORITY shipping with Delivery Confirmation for US buyers. Paypal payments only, please!! If you want to NOT BE A FOOL, and wish to take advantage of this super pear special deal, just email me with PEARS in the subject line, and I will send you an invoice thru Paypal!! Thanks so much to all of my wonderful blog friends that stop by to visit my blog, too!! I am getting near my 100th post, so watch for something special to celebrate that milestone in blogland for me!! Happy April Fool's Day!! Don't be a fool and miss out on this special purchase!!! Hugs, Trudy