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Thursday, April 30, 2009


For the first time since 1994, the Denver Nuggets are on their way to ROUND TWO of the NBA Playoffs!!!! Whooooooooo!!! Whooooooooo!!!! WAY TO GO, NUGGETS!!! Way to go Coach Karl!!!!! Won't it be cool when they win Round Two???!!!!! You can do it!! Yes you can!!! GOOOO NUGGETS!!!!!!! Game One will be Sunday afternoon.....get ready for the Dallas Mavericks!! Although the Nuggets have four straight wins over the Mavs this season....this is not the same of seasonal play....this is THE SECOND ROUND OF THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT, NUGGETS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on the Round One win!!! (Thanks to the AP for the file photo.)

Monday, April 27, 2009


I have been so wrapped up in the NBA playoffs, that I guess I didn't know this was coming our way!! It rained yesterday for the greater part of the day....but this is what we woke up to this morning!!!! ANOTHER SNOWFALL!!!! The falling snow has now ended, it seems, and it won't be long and the fallen snow will be gone, too. The sky is getting brighter, and the weather reporter says it will be in the 50's in Denver goodbye snow, once again!! Enjoy the pics!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As we celebrate and think about the health of our planet today and everyday, perhaps increasing what each of us can do to ensure the continuation of good life here on the planet earth.......please enjoy some of the beauty of nature that surrounds me here in Colorful Colorado!! Enjoy!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


As the snow melts away, and the trees and the grass, the flowers and the rest of nature begin to leave the signs of the major Spring storm behind...I am very distracted by the beautiful views from my windows. Reports are that some of the areas above 8,000 feet measured 56.4 inches of snow......can you even imagine that much snow falling in just a couple of days??? My, oh my!! Enjoy the mountains with me!!


Game 1...a win for the Nuggets!! YEA!!! Game 2.....Wednesday night, 8:30 MST!! GO NUGGETS!!! WHOOOOO!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (Thanks to the AP for this file photo)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I LOVE CROWS!! This morning I found this guy munching on a delightful find, sitting on top of a pile of snow in a parking lot. We had a little conversation about his feast, and then I left him to dine!!


The storm came...the storm moved on...and now someone else is probably getting the effects!! Hopefully those are not harmful ones!! It is a beautiful day today, with lots of sun and glistening snow!! I LOVE it!! We took a long drive this morning, enjoying the beautiful weather. I love the smell of the air when there is fresh snow on the ground. The fields look like fun places to run and play, with their blankets of white. Our current temp is 65, and yes, snow is melting and making the rivers and creeks rise rapidly. Sharing just a few of the many pictures I took today!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Still snowing, still snowing......and before long, if this keeps up, I will need to switch to a yardstick to keep up with the depth of snow on our deck!! The birds have been out in full force...and I have been feeding them off the front porch, since I am not allowed to feed them with birdfeeders due to the HOA restrictions.....that's easier than wading through the snow to fill the feeder down in the backyard!! The robins are searching for their daily dose of raisins, and the squirrel is finding all the peanuts left for the crows!! These shots were taken at 12:30, and now...back to the first game of the NBA Playoffs!! Go Celtics!! Go Bulls!! May the best team win!! But ultimately......GO NUGGETS!!!! WAY TO GO NUGGETS!!! #2 IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE!!!! yes!!! YES!!! Y E S!!!!!!!


Sharing some neighborhood shots of the snow on the trees as it looks this morning! It did not snow throughout the night, as predicted. However, it began to snow again around 7 a.m., and is expected to snow for several hours, at least. The news is saying another 4 - 8 inches for us here at 6,000 feet, and is also saying the official reports for our area is currently 11". My little plastic ruler is currently showing 10". Who knows!! It is soooo wet and heavy, it could be lots, lots more than that by now!! More pictures later on today!! Enjoy!! Yes, it is still snowing in mid-April here in the Rocky Mountain Front Range...and REALLLLY snowing on up above us here!! I70 is totally shut down from the Denver area all the way to Vail, with many folks stranded with no place to go. Not good!! Also there was a report of an avalanche on the way up to Winter Park, on Hwy 40, with two cars caught in the slide. Thankfully, no one was injured. Hope the rest of you are enjoying a bright, warm, sunny day!! I am loving the winter wonderland...but I know that many are not. When you have snow......make snowmen!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


My, my my!!! Snow, snow, and more and more and more snow!!! It is still coming down like crazy here.....and doesn't seem to be ready to stop anytime soon!! However, Sunday is forecast for the 50's, and by mid week the 70' this blanket of thick, heavy, wet stuff won't be hanging around too long. I figure with the compaction that is happening due to the heaviness of this big dump, we are well over 15" at this time...even though the ruler shows only 9". About to start getting dark, so might not be able to get any more pictures until tomorrow. Blessings to all, and especially to those of you getting dumped on like we are!!! Also, pray for the safety of those over to the East of us, as tornadoes are being spotted. Stay safe, Jenny...down in the lower elevation of Denver!!! Hugs, Trudy at 6,000 feet


As the mix of rain, sleet, and snow continues...and the sidewalk is no longer anywhere to be seen in the blanket of are the latest shots, taken at the storm continues to linger over us, and bring piles and piles of white, very wet, and very heavy snow. Many areas are without power up above us, and I hope we don't lose ours!! The cable has been out for a bit, but has returned. The conveniences that we take for granted.....As I stuck the ruler into the snowpack on the back was actually difficult to push it down through the you can imagine how compacted it is. Although it shows about 7", there has been much, much more than 7" that has fallen today.....and is still coming down hard and strong!! Enjoy the shots!!


Well, here we are at 3 in the afternoon, and the winter wonderland is continuing here at 6,000 feet!! We've had continuous snow, sleet, rain, pellets of hard stuff, etc....all day long!! And lots of thunder, which has now brought a HUGE downfall!! Very little visibility, but really pretty out there. I have shoveled the walkway a few times...but now it's not even a tiny bit cleared!! Enjoy the pics!! Enjoy your warm and sunny weather, if that is what your day looks like!!