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Sunday, November 30, 2008


We were awakened this morning with a bird conference going on outside the bedroom window, as the robins and friends gathered in the big oak tree....I suppose calling for breakfast!! The snow was coming down and continued to fall for the entire day!! As darkness was setting in, the flakes began to lessen, and I suppose that now it may have stopped. Although I have taken many of these shots a zillion times, I spent much time today watching the birds and taking pictures!! Enjoy!! *******Be sure to scroll down a couple of posts and sign up for my Christmas reading give-away, too!!! Thanks to all that have already visited and signed up, and a double thanks to those that have posted on their blogs about my give-away!!!********

Saturday, November 29, 2008


This morning is a winter wonderland, and will be even more fabulous should the sun find it's way through the cloud cover!! I see the brightness starting to peek through some clearing sky over the mountains now!! As I look East I can see a bit of the sun struggling to shine through, too!! There have been many little visitors since dawn, eating ferociously, with lots of fuss and twitter!! I missed a shot of the downy woodpecker, getting a few bites of suet while the larger competion was away!!
Enjoy the pics!! Be sure to scroll down a couple of posts and sign up for my Christmas reading give-away, too!!! Thanks to all that have already visited and signed up, and a double thanks to those that have posted on their blogs about my give-away!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


IT IS SNOWING!!!!! IT IS SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! As I busied myself working on new listings for my various sites, and watched a mix of football and basketball, I happened to look outside!!! WOW!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!!!!! This is our first REAL snowfall, since the snow we got a couple of weeks ago was much lighter, and didn't last at all, since it came in the morning. This is not only a spectacular sight, but a much needed bit of moisture for our very dry ground. I absolutely LOVE night time snowfalls, too!! The contrast of the darkness and the white, white snow is so pretty!! Enjoy the pics!! ****** Be sure to scroll down a couple of posts and sign up for my Christmas reading give-away, too!!! Thanks to all that have already visited and signed up, and a double thanks to those that have posted on their blogs about my give-away!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


************************Thanksgiving Day.......a day to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. A day for food, family, fun, forgiving........oh....and football!! (The Nuggets are playing, too!) I have much to be thankful for, and on that long list is my being thankful for nature, wildlife, birds. The robins came for brunch today. I'm thankful that I was able to provide for them. Blessings to all!! Enjoy the day!! ~~Trudy~~

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I love books!! I love to read!! I love to collect books!! This picture shows my current holiday reading stash that is out where I can pull from it.....but there is more to the stash....still tucked away with all the holiday goodies!! Pictured here are only books for adult reading, and we won't even start to talk about my collection of children's books!! I saw a new one yesterday, too, and think it might need to go on the list for the 5 year old granddaughter. It was a story that introduced and taught about words like patience, anticipation, dedication, etc. The author used these character traits and weaved them into a story about baking cookies!! CUTE!!
Last year I began to pass on some of my holiday books that I had read, realizing that hanging on to many of these is not necessary, since I probably won't read them again. This year I thought I would give one or more away here on my blog!! Click on the pic, and you can see the titles and authors a bit better, I hope!! Here are the rules!!

Rule 1.....Post a comment here on my blog, telling me which of these books you would like to read!! Your name will go into the Santa hat once!! You can list as many books as you like, and if you are the lucky winner, I will choose the one from your list to send!!

Rule 2.....Post on YOUR blog about this give-away, with a link to MY blog, and your name will go into the Santa hat a second time!!

Rule 3.....I will draw the winner on Monday, December 15th, and then get the book in the mail to the lucky reader right away!! This will give me time to finish reading the new ones in my stash, and will still give you, the winner, time to read before the end of the holidays and 2009 is upon us!! Please make a note to check my blog on December 15th to see if you might be the winner!! I will need your mailing address!!

Thanks for stopping by, have fun with the give-away, and happy holidays to all!!


A quick visit around blogland today brought me to a great give-away!! This creative person happened to stop by my blog a week or so ago, and lives down in Denver!! Stop by Wonders of Whimsy and say hello to Jenny, take a peek at her wonderful work, and sign up for this great, great give-away!! I want to win!! Another new thing to be busy with!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hot Drinks/Hot Mamas Apron Swap Complete!! WHAT FUN!!!!

As I talked about earlier, one of the things that I love is aprons!! So...when I found some apron swaps, I jumped in!!! The first one for me to join was the Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas Apron Swap!! I have received a wonderful collection of goodies from Jill in New Hampshire, (the bottom pic) and have sent a collection of goodies to Regina in Utah!! WHAT FUN!!! The apron I sent was made from a great fabric I found at one of my fav quilt shops!! It was fun!! I created the pattern from a vintage apron in my collection. Then I shopped here and there for the little treats that were to be included along with the apron!! Such a fun diversion from the norm!! The box of goodies I received from Jill was such a treat!! Thank you again, Jill, for such special touches to the apron, the table mat, and the tea clutch/hot pad!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We are enjoying some totally WARM weather......almost like summer!! The first snow went quickly, and it's hard to believe that we are past mid-November already!! However, according to the weather news, colder temps and wet freezing rain may be with us on Thursday! But until....we enjoy!! While out and about exploring, we came upon a little dirt county road that we had not ventured down before!! Here are some shots from that little trip!! ENJOY!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Here are some of the most recent pictures of the new little princess, and the big sister princess!! Mom, Dad, Madison and Mackenzie are apparently all doing well, although I am sure that at times Madison might wish she was still the sole star of the household!!! I suspect that Simba, the giant orange cat, holds similar thoughts, too!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Although the sun is shining through the snowy sky more brightly now, a few fluffy flakes are still falling, and the winter wonderland is glistening here during our first snow of the season!! The streets that were covered with a thick white blanket less than an hour ago are now melted and wet, and the snow blanket is gone. Here are some more pictures of our first snow here at 6,000 feet!! Enjoy!!


It is finally here!! The first snow!! Since November is the second snowiest month here in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Foothills, I was wondering when we were going to get started!!! It was snowing when we awoke this morning, and has been coming down hard and heavy all morning. is only 8:45 here at our house, but it is still snowing!! I love those big fluffy flakes!! The sun is beginning to shine through the snow sky now, so I suspect that the beauty of the white will soon disappear....but maybe not!! Enjoy my shots of the early morning snow!! OOOPs!! Got one of these pictures twice here, and haven't figured out how to delete just one pic yet!!