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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Continued Tale of the Lost Blogger.......

Well, I am not actually lost....just lost in life!! Too much going on, priorities confused, working hard, playing hard, gardening hard, creating hard......just toooo busy in this life called retirement!! HA!!

Besides working extra hard with all the shops that I supply goods to, I find myself spending much time designing, creating, sending new pieces off to PRIMS magazine, designing more, creating for shows, designing another pattern to be published in FOLK magazine, and on and on and on.  In with all that I had a wonderful summer of gardening, and hope to figure out this All Season Garden Venture, too!!  We shall see!!  Lettuce when there is snow?? Might happen!!

I have really taken a giant leap with 5 local shows this Fall.....yes, that is right.....5 shows.  My oh my.......what was I thinking????  I love those retail venues, though!!  I was part of a wonderful show in July at The Old Glory Fair, and met so many wonderful folks.  Sales were great, and the friendships formed were even greater!!  Thanks so much to Old Glory for such a great venue, and they didn't do too bad with the weather, either!!  :)

Fall has officially arrived, and is starting to show it's face here in Colorado, too.  Although many are still suffering, and will be for a very long time, from the devastation of the recent floods, I personally was not directly affected.  We sit high on a hill, with nothing above us to flood down or slide down upon us.  For those wanting to help the victims of this horrific event, please donate to The Red Cross or some other similar organization.  There are so many folks homeless now because their homes and all their belongings, in many cases including their vehicles, are gone.  Hard to imagine, but it is true.

On a lighter note, the changing colors are slow to happen this year, but some of the aspens up in the high country have begun to turn.  I love the Fall colors, and hope that we have a nice long Fall season this year.  I also love the snow, but am not quite ready to have that happen just yet!!  However, skiers and boards get ready!!!  Loveland, Winter Park, Breck and many other of the ski areas got SNOW!!  YES!!  I has begun!!

I leave you with these thoughts.....GO BRONCOS!!!! And soon....GO NUGGETS!!!!  Enjoy the season!! Blessings to all........

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Tale of the Lost Blogger......

Hmmmm.  What has happened to blogging?  Where is this blogger???


Fast forward to April, nearly May, 2013!!  HERE I AM!!! I am not lost, just lost in transition!!  No....that was a movie title maybe??

Seems that life, Facebook, work, life, gardening, all gets in the way of the best laid plans!  My apologies for being a totally absent blogger.  I do hope to change that habit, and return to at least monthy updates!!  My goodness!!  How hard can this be???  :)

Hope all is well with all of you, and Spring may be returning to the Colorado Front Range now....just maybe!!  I do hear something about possible snow again next week, though.  We've had a very wet and chilly April, but can't complain.  Colorado really needs all the precip it can get!

If you like things in printed form, please check your local bookstore, fabric shop, etc. for the latest in PRIMS magazine by Stampington and Company.  Once again, I have some work featured, and humbly invite you to check out this great publication and view my Mike and Missy, as well as the Americana Angel in the Gallery section!!  I am honored to have had my work featured in every issue of this grand publication to date!!  Thanks so much to Stampington, the staff, and the wonderful PRIMS editor Jennifer!!  You are so wonderful!!

Thank you for stopping by, and make the most of your wonderful day!!