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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Almost Halfway

Well, my January intentions have not all panned out, but I am working on it!!  I have decided to accept that I will never be quite the organized person that I want to be, I will always have way tooooo many things going at the same time, and that is just how it is in my world.  But my world is fun and exciting and filled with many blessings, so no complaints!!

Spending this great Saturday morning listening online to a wonderful radio station out of Bryan/College Station area of Texas....KEOS!  Our good friend Joe Angel hosts a great show called Random Routes, and plays a collection of fabulous tunes during his air time.  Give it a try!!

The program began this morning with a tribute to the late Ralph Stanley.  RIP Ralph.  You will be missed.

Crows in the Attic Primitives has had a busy first half of the year.  I had a most fun and profitable show in April hosted by Grandmother's House Boutique, and held at the Jefferson County, CO Fairgrounds.  What a great show, great customers, greatly done collection of fantastic goods.  The next Grandmother's House show is in October, and the third will be held in November.  Check out their website for more details!!

For those of you reading this that are here in Colorado, you understand the heat that we have experienced so far this Spring and Summer.  Wow!!  I am ready for some 75 degree, breezy days myself, with a few fluffy white clouds to adorn our bluebird sky.

One of my new creations for this year is a series of dolls known as The Magpies.  They are a funky, one of a kind art doll, with lots of different patterns and colors and all wearing old, vintage, or maybe even modern day jewelry.  Each Magpie is signed and numbered and named, and no two are alike.  Each one is its own soul!  They have a tag attached that says:

Magpie     (definition:  noun)
 *  chatters noisily
           *collects indiscriminately
           *  eclectic

Until next time....enjoy life....relax....sip some lemonade....think happy thoughts!!