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Monday, May 18, 2015

Merry Mid-May Already!!

As I take the journey down the road of doing more of what I WANT to do, things that I CHOOSE to do, time has rapidly flown by me!! What has happened to this year??  It is already the middle of May, and my mental list of things to accomplish barely has a nick in it.

Since this is the beginning of what I call the Patriotic Season.....Memorial Day thru Labor Day in my mind......I have been enjoying bringing back some of the older Americana pieces in my repertoire, and creating some new ones as well!!  I have changed the ornaments on my prim tree to Americana, and have some other Americana things displayed in our family room and living room, and will work on the dining room and kitchen soon!  I love America, and Americana d├ęcor!!  Never enough!!

I realized as I decorated the prim tree that many of my Americana ornaments are from a great prim creator, and owner of a prim shop as well!!  Search for her shop on Etsy....needlinaround.  Should you find yourself in Lincoln, NE, stop by her shop called Primitive Treasures!!

Until next time.....enjoy life, be kind, count your blessings, do something fun, take care of yourself, and journey on!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Spring!! Be YOURSELF!!!

Do you ever feel like "one of the herd"??  I do.  I find myself running around, jumping through hoops, doing what I feel I need to be doing......instead of what tugs at me.  Although resolutions are often made in January, I make resolutions year round.....but often don't stick to them.  One of my many goals for this Spring is to make a better attempt at balancing my life, doing more of what I WANT to do, instead of doing mainly what I think I NEED to be doing.  What a concept!!
As a part of this endeavor to do more of the wants on my list, I do believe that I want to make yet another effort to blog.  I have allowed other things to get in the way of blogging, and now I realize that I miss this ole blog stuff!!  So here is the first installment in getting back to blogging.....or basics, as it might be!!